Tension & Release

Tension & Release Jo_iLL Every piece of musical work utilizes "Tension and Release". This Mix CD starts fast...and ends slow.
By: Jo_iLL
Synopsis: Any good piece of music will utilize the concept of "tension and release", just to keep the music dynamic and the listener, listening. You know that feeling that a song gives you, when it builds up so much tension in your chest, you feel like your heart is going to explode. Then a chord changes, a beat or bass line drops...All of a sudden your hand is uncontrollably thrust into the air, a smile seems to take over your face, your head nods with such conviction as if it was being moved by the hand of God. You then feel this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction...yessssss! Sounds like good sex right? (I think I've stuck my head in too many Bass Bins at the Drum and Bass rooms at Raves).

I was lucky enough one night to experience Cody Chestnutt facilitate a lesson in "tension & release", at a Roots concert, with nothing but a guitar and his bass player. What was so amazing about it, to me, was the fact that he was teaching us; breaking it down as if he was wanting to instill us with the power of media literacy. Trying to show us how formula used in a media, is used to manipulate an audience. During his performance, I decided I wanted to use an example of this technique in my next mixtape.

This mixtape will take you from war (which is so relevant to the times), to a warm day on a California beach, dreaming about love. Because the transition from tension to release is slow and gradual, by the time you get to the end of the mix, you'll forget it ever started out with war. Isn't it great how a good song can always ease the tension.


  1. War Intro
  2. Mr. Lif - Heavy Artillery
  3. Handsome Boy Modeling School - Holy Calamity
  4. Beastie Boys - 33% God
  5. Sway and King Tech - Devastating
  6. Jay Dee - Fuck the Police
  7. Gel - Subsong
  8. Part 1 Outro
  9. "Live at Home" Skratch Interlude feat. Sungodsunds - Audible Angels(Nobody Remix)
  10. Jo_iLL Blend: KRS 1 - Black Cop
  11. Quasimoto - Dinosaur Brain Beat
  12. Push Button Objects - 360 (Prefuse 73 Remix)
  13. Prefuse 73 - Smile In Your Face
  14. Gel - John Brown's Birthday Suite
  15. The Controls - Coward of the Year (Remix feat. Percee P and Aesop Rock) /Mums the Word - Know
  16. Five Deez - Sexual for Elizabeth (Instr.)
  17. Jo_iLL Blend: Mary J. Blige - My Love / Brook Russel - So Sweet (Rae & Christian Instr.)
  18. DJ Shadow - Send Them (Instr.) / Jo_iLL on the Bongos
  19. The Pharcyde - Bullshit
  20. Presto - Lost In Rhodes
  21. Diverse - Blindman
  22. Murs - Done Deal
  23. Infamous MC - The Ex Factor
  24. Fresh Air - No? (Instr.)
  25. Strange Fruit Project - Maintain
  26. Diamond - This One
  27. Skit - "F" Work
  28. Fresh Air - Dreamin'(Instr.)
  29. Madlib - Please Set Me At Ease (Remix)
  30. Shuggie Otis - Island Letter