Ten Times Grimey

Ten Times Grimey Jo_iLL So Rummy...
By: Jo_iLL
Synopsis: I'm not sure what can't be said about this one, part of me has no words and another part of me wants to say that it is perhaps one of the strongest mixes to come out of the Homegrown Blends camp to date...and trust me there have been a lot of good ones. Quite possibly Jo-Ill's most realized work to date...Ten Times Grimey is a visceral listening experience that brings together some of the most recent highlights in upcoming instrumental producers with some of the most recent celebrated rising artists hip hop has to offer. An audible massage and an absolute delight to the ears...and not a single dull moment the entire duration. Pick this up!


  1. Intro / DJ Rylo - 'Killer Kazoo Rock'
  2. Other Worlds - 'The Time Machine'
  3. Flying Lotus - '1983'
  4. Beck - 'Jackass Beat' (feat. DJ Jo-Ill)
  5. Ghislain Portier - 'Embargo Riddim' / 'Hamado'
  6. DJ Krush - 'Shinjiro (Harsh Mix)' (feat. DJ Krush)
  7. Danny Breaks - 'Duck Rock'
  8. Danny Breaks - 'Duck Rock (Zoostrumental)'
  9. Danny Breaks - 'The Jelly Fish'
  10. Danny Breaks - 'The Octopus'
  11. Danny Breaks - 'Hand Exercise #2'
  12. Dr. Who Dat? - 'Beat Rock'
  13. Edan - 'Rap Perfection'
  14. Black Milk - 'Sound The Alarm'
  15. Kenny Dope - 'That Gangsta Shit'
  16. Flying Lotus - 'Shifty'
  17. J Rocc - 'Dirty Fingered B-Boy Edit'
  18. Oh No - 'Move (Remix)' (feat. J Dilla)
  19. J Dilla - 'E=MC2'
  20. Exile - 'Dirty Robots' (feat. DJ Jo-Ill)
  21. Dabrye - 'Get It Together'
  22. Percee P - 'Throwback Rap'
  23. Mos Def - 'Mana Mathematics' (Snafu 76 Mix)
  24. Pilooski - 'Can't There Be Love (Double Dub Edit)'
  25. Ghostface Killah - 'Daytona 500' (Jo-Ill Blend) (feat. Raekwon)
  26. Cut Chemist - 'Storm' (feat. Edan / Mr. Lif)
  27. Omid - 'Words From My Mouth' (feat. Ellay Khule)
  28. Daedelus - 'Lights Out'
  29. Grimey Beat Quickmix