Soulful Toilet-Bowl

Soulful Toilet-Bowl Supa Koopa the iSH...
By: Supa Koopa
Synopsis: koop really does lag. maybe he doesn't care about you gav, he probably thinks that content for websites magically appear because he's living in his magical mushroom kingdom..hey buddy....koopa's are bad guys! in your face!


  1. Soulful Intro (feat. Klutch)
  2. Where I Belong
  3. I S.E.N.D. (feat. Braille)
  4. Word Play (feat. Verbal Illustration)
  5. Need You
  6. Wonderful
  7. Soulful Interlude 1 (Represent)
  8. Hope (feat. Minus / Opoetik)
  9. What Goes Around...
  10. Free Happiness
  11. Hip Hop Love (feat. Hollow)
  12. Soulful Interlude 2 (Back Classic)
  13. Who?!?
  14. Brand New Day (feat. Minus)
  15. The Get Down
  16. You And Me
  17. Soulful Interlude 3 (Cali-Foreign-iA)
  18. Changes (feat. Opoetik)
  19. Soulful Outro