Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis Argonaut A mixtape with three 15-20 minute pieces displaying the range of DJ Argonaut's hip hop taste in 2003.
By: Argonaut
Synopsis: I came from an era where you didn't mix hip hop records. There were no instrumental 8 counts to start a song and when you tried to blend two songs it would sound so cluttered that the blend would sound like muffled noise. There wasn't underground hip hop, jiggy, loungy, west coast or east coast. It was just hip hop. You played all of them in the same set because there wasn't that much to choose from. All people cared about was that the songs were in the same BPM range. You had to know how to "cut" records, something I wasn't ever really good at. There were no individual line eq's, no optical faders and pretty much each mixer you would buy was 19". Pyramid was the mixer of choice because you place a small piece of paper in the toggle switch to shorten the cut in and cut out when you tried to scratch. You could get your mixer at the flea market or the beat shop that sold woofers and car stereos. A lot of heads bought RadioShack mixers because they were much smaller. If you had enough dough you would buy a Numark. I was always too poor to afford a Numark. There were no butter rugs, all you had to do is cut the plastic sleeve that came with your 12" and slap on a slipmat. DJ's were "handicap" if they mixed with both decks on one side. The only alternative to 1200's were belt drive BD-22's or silver BD-24's. Oh how dj'ing has changed.

Quarterlife Crisis is a collection of how I have developed and grown as a dj in style, technique and selection. Many of my transitions or mixes are unconventional by today's standards. Some songs aren't supposed to be blended. They are simply reflections of my experiences as a dj. The tracks are long and are done so intentionally (sorry to all of you who enjoying tracking). Each track represents a stage in my development as a dj and is best understood and listened as a whole.


  1. Happy Hour