Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane Argonaut Ever been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic? Tired of the long commute to and from work? This CD is made for you.
By: Argonaut
Synopsis: The first mixtape I made was in 1991. Bottom line wasthat it was wack. Basically I popped in a tape in the tape deck, pressed record and mixed for 30 minutes straight hoping not to have any double beats. I must have started over like 20 times because I was never satisfied with my blends. Sometimes I would get 20 minutes in and then I would just efff up and scream. To make a long story short, the tape was never released and was one of the most frustrating dj experiences. What’s also funny is nobody back then had their turntables sideways. I have mad respect for those cats back in the day who made live real mixtapes. One old school cat I have madd respect forwho made dope live mixtapes was Phil Mark of SBS. If you ever read this respect. DJ Bojo and I got ourfirst analog four track in 1995 and started making mixtapes just for homeys on actual cassettes. Ourother MVP homey DJ Bo was also making madd mixtapes during that time. As a crew we probably put out at least a dozen free mixtapes during that era. What’s sad is I don’t have any copies of any of those old mixtapes.

This mixtape is unique. It is my first mixtape with the use of my Numark CDX turntables. I still have my 1200s, but I decided it was time to change with times and try something new. All of the tracks played are from my CD collection. Most of the tracks you will never be able to find on wax. A bunch of the CDs I picked up at shows and are CDs you probably will never see in a retail store. Each song is a song I used to play in my car CD player. I used to have a two hour commute to and from work each day and many of these songs got me through the road rage and madness of everyday traffic, hence the title “Life in the SlowLane”. I thank God and all the artists on this mixtape for getting me through those tough times. I hope you enjoy.

I hate to preach but all you young cats out there getting into the game... get your skills right with the 1200s, with real vinyl, no Serato or digital decks!!! Go record shopping, learn to dig, learn to open up a new piece of wax, have a record collection, pay your dues. When you get your skills right,graduate, move on, and grow as a dj. You can’t go to college if you haven’t passed kindergarten. Peace.


  1. Intro (Reduce Stress)
  2. Joey Beats - The Cure (Instrumental) w/Opoetik Accapella
  3. Trek Life - Intelligence As a Threat
  4. Nu-Jazz Track
  5. Pauze - San Diego Nights
  6. Deux Process - Paper Trail (Accapella) w/ Joey Beats - Threewrite (Instrumental)
  7. Park Like Setting - Music Appreciation
  8. Spaceman Spiff - Little Peep Residue
  9. O.C. - Special
  10. Interlude - (Breathe and Relax)
  11. DJ Cam - Friends and Enemies
  12. Cleveland Lounge - Crocodile Tears
  13. Listen Crew - Magic Penguin Circus
  14. McEnroe - Germ Warfare (Instrumental) w/Acethetic Accapella
  15. Nelly Furtado - I Will Make You Cry
  16. Kim Hill - Disney
  17. McEnroe - 5:20 AM
  18. ELMNOP - Shadows
  19. Mars Ill - Monotone
  20. Cypheroptics - I've Cut You
  21. Jeshno - Ride of Your Life
  22. Outro
  23. Bonus Track *** Right Mind Project - Count Your Blessings (Pauze and Opoetik)