God Loves You... But I'm His Favorite

God Loves You... But I'm His Favorite JABAone A mixtape of FUN music to help you remember what mixtapes USED to sound like
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By: JABAone
Synopsis: "God Loves You... But I'm His Favorite" was a CD that I created a couple of years back on my old analog TASCAM 414. I had a really good response on it so I decided to snag some drops from buddies and celebs, transfer it over to CD, smooth it out and release it again. What am I trying to prove with this project? Not a damn thing... I just wanted to put something out that was fun to listen to and try to bring back that creative element to the run of the mill mixtapes (or should I say COMPILATIONS...) out today. Enjoy the chaos...


  1. A Conversation on Crenshaw
  2. Intro
  3. Jurassic Jaba - 'Controlled Quality'
  4. Atmosphere - 'Trying to Find the Balance'
  5. Mr. Lif - 'Pull Out ya Cut'
  6. KRS ONE - 'Outta Here'
  7. DJ Zeph
  8. PUTS - 'Cholo Dad'
  9. Emanon - 'Detours' (feat. Dr. Oop)
  10. Exile La Soul - 'Da BizaNess N Stuff'
  11. Mos Def - 'Travellin' Man' (Pauze Remix)
  12. Kiwi - 'Yours Truly'
  13. DJ Drez - 'ThePrescription' (feat. Dr. Oop)
  14. Presto - 'Back in '92' (feat. Lowd)
  15. Felt - 'Hot Bars'
  16. JC Mobbin Deep - 'Los Shooked'
  17. Aesop Rock - 'Coma'
  18. INI - 'Center of Attention'
  19. Ryze Up
  20. Organic Thoughts - 'Renaissance'
  21. Skit
  22. Keef Swizzle Goes Clubbin (Jaba Remix)
  23. LMNO - 'LMNO'
  24. Typical Cats - 'Reinventing the Wheel'
  25. Hand Tactics in the Bedroom (feat. Romali / Jo_Ill / Pauze)
  26. Pauze - 'Rumors' (feat. Son of Ran)