Something In Common 2: Part Deux

Something In Common 2: Part Deux JABAone By popular demand and without further ado
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By: JABAone
Synopsis: DJ Jaba One graces us with a follow up to one of the best mixes of Common ever put together. Part Deux features newer material from recent work by the artist with the same formula that made Volume 1 such a crowd pleaser! In the words of Jaba himself: "I never planned on putting together a part 2 of the 'Something In Common' mixtape, but Norm Rockwell kinda coaxed me into it. And really, I thought 'Why not?' Hopefully you enjoy this one as much as the first, if not more." Our hats off to you Jaba...nice work!


  1. Ahmad Jamal - 'Dolphin Dance'
  2. Common Sense- 'Resurrection'
  3. Common - 'Real People'
  4. Common - 'The People'
  5. Gil Scott Heron - 'We Almost Lost Detroit'
  6. J Dilla - 'So Far To Go' (feat. Common)
  7. Bobby Caldwell - 'Open Your Eyes'
  8. Common - 'The Light (Kero One Remix)'
  9. Common - 'If You Play Your Cards Right'
  10. Common Sense - 'Pitchin Pennies'
  11. Pimpin Ain't Easy
  12. Common - 'Making A Name For Ourselves'
  13. Common Sense - 'Book Of Life'
  14. Roy Ayers - 'Everyone Loves The Sunshine'
  15. Common Sense - 'Carhorn (Madlib Remix)'
  16. Common - 'I Got A Right Ta'
  17. Common - 'I Got A Right Ta Put 5 On It' (Jabafied)
  18. Kanye West - 'My Way Home' (feat. Common)
  19. Common - 'Southside' (feat. Kanye West)
  20. Sir Ivy Speaks
  21. Common - 'Be'
  22. Be (Piano Version)
  23. Hi Tek - 'Music For Life' (feat. Nas / Common)
  24. Common - 'Real Ni**a Quotes'
  25. Common - 'Testify'
  26. DJ Yogurt On The Cut
  27. Common - '6th Sense (Acethetic Remix)'
  28. Common - 'Driving Me Wild' (feat. Lily Allen)
  29. Guru - 'Moment Of Clarity (Remix)' (feat. Common)
  30. Common Sense - 'Soul By The Pound
  31. Common - 'Funky For You'
  32. Common - 'Retrospect For Life'
  33. Stevie Wonder - 'Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer'
  34. Common - 'The Light (Live)'