Hip Hop is Dead 2

Hip Hop is Dead 2 Argonaut
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By: Argonaut
Synopsis: This is probably one of my favorite mixtapes to work on mainly because I used vinyl, serato and my digital decks to put this one together. I was blessed to have JABAone put together my artwork, DJ Tanner to rock the cuts and have Bambu drop a verse for me. I am so lucky to have these talented cats to call my friends. Everything on this mixtape again spans years of hip hop from established cats, veterans to up and comers and I'm sure some cats you've probably never ever heard of. All in all every track on this mixtape is a track I stand behind 110% and am honored to play. I still refuse to give you the artists and track listing not because I have this elitist or "don't peek" attitude because I sincerely hope you read and learn about them. The best I can do is give you the artist and the album the track appears on. If anything, I hope you at least try and find their album and listen to their body of work. If you like any of these artists tracks, I'm sure you'll find another one or two you'll dig as well. Please support the artists on this mixtape.


  1. Deep Thinkers Necks Move
  2. Dabrye - Two/Three
  3. Talib Tweli Ear Drum
  4. McEnroe Nothing is Cool Instrumentals and Braille Box of Rhymes
  5. Blu and Exile Below the Heavens
  6. Dan the Automater 2K7 w/ Naughty by Nature 19NaughtyIII
  7. Basic Vocab The General Dynamic
  8. Zion I & the Grouch Heroes in the City of Dope
  9. Kero One Windmills Instrumentals w/Bambu
  10. Aesop Rock None Shall Pass
  11. Jel Soft Money
  12. RUN D.M.C. Down with the King
  13. Rodney O and Joe Cooley Me and Joe
  14. Raydar Ellis Late Pass
  15. INTERLUDE - Slam - Soundtrack
  16. Lateef & Z-Trip Ahead of the Curve
  17. Blue Scholars Blue Scholars
  18. Kool Keith and Kut Masta Kurt Diesel Truckers cuts by DJ Tanner
  19. Psalm One - Death of Frequent Flyer
  20. Lord 360 -- The Anomaly LP: The Battle Cry
  21. Write Brothers Egomaniacs cuts by DJ Tanner
  22. Outkome and Supa Koopa Almost Nameless
  23. Write Brothers Egomaniacs
  24. Kahlee Man of Many Hats
  25. Native Guns Barrel Men
  26. Blu and Exile Below the Heavens
  27. Theory Hazit Extra Credit