Hip Hop is Dead

Hip Hop is Dead Argonaut Who said hip hop is dead? A mix of non-radio independent hip hop by DJ Argonaut.
By: Argonaut
Synopsis: This CD was completed in June, 2006. The original name was "Hip Hop is Dead". I came up with that name in December, 2005, after I finished "Life in the Slow Lane". I have a tendency to lag on officially putting out my mix cds. I finally put out Life in the Slow Lane in early 2007 and I planned on putting out Hip Hop is Dead in June, 2007, but by that time I found out Nas was used the same name for his album. So... the name is now "Hip Hop?" with those words on a tombstone. Get it?
I made this CD in reaction to all the "softy" stuff that was being put out. Don't get me wrong... I like the soul/rnb/mellow hip hop but in my opinion it was getting to be a little too much and the rawer and newer side of hip hop in my mind was getting neglected. Hence the name... which begs the quesiton is Hip Hop really dead? A lot of people, even djs, complain about how hip hop isn't the same and how heads decide to only listen to "classics" because that is "real" hip hop. Honestly... to me that's a cop out. There is a lot of good hip hop out there that stays true to the essence of the classics. The problem is the radio and media are force feeding the public with what sells not with what is hip hop. In my opinion if you were truly into hip hop you would search, listen and share.
Everyone has their own defintion of Hip Hop. There are so many types of hip hop now that it's really hard to say what hip hop really is. I don't even know if I can articulate a definition because so many songs have elements of hip hop in them. I'm not saying that the stuff you hear on the radio isn't hip hop. It obviously is and has elements of the foundation of hip hop music. But to say its the end all and be all of hip hip would not be true. To me what most of what you hear on the radio is watered down, gimmicky and fake. It's made to sell not to represent the culture. All I know is at the end of the day when I hear a song I know if it represents hip hop to me. The tracks on this CD span 20 years (1986 - 2006). To me it's really hard to tell what era the song came from which reinforces the fact to me that good hip hop is timeless. So for all you heads out there who think hip hop is dead, live in a hip hop golden age shell or just don't get it, WAKE UP!!!! To all the djs, mcs, and producers who are holding it down and representing this culture--RESPECT. You know who you are... and for all you posers... keep on posing.


  1. Vakill - Flow Fever
  2. Scarab - Keep On Stepping
  3. Very Special People - Track 15
  4. Eyedea and Abilities - Act Right
  5. Beastie Boys - Paul Revere
  6. Joe Beats - Spaceman cuts by the Angry Polar Bear
  7. Aceyalone - Guidelines
  8. Trek Life - One Idea (prod by Biz)
  9. High and Mighty Feat. Defari and Evidence - Top
  10. Grand Agent - Must've Though It's Still
  11. Exile - Dirty Robots cuts by the Magic Golden Bear
  12. Cadence - Just Me
  13. Kollabo Bros - Glad to Be Me
  14. Joe Beats - Clock With No Hands
  15. Procussions - Simple Song feat. DJ Vajra
  16. Joey Beats - Born Mimic
  17. Joey Beats - Doing the Nothing
  18. Strange Fruit Project - You
  19. Gift of Gab - To Know You
  20. Akbar - 5th Element
  21. ELMNOP - Blast
  22. People Under the Stairs - Down & Out
  23. Mekalek - Dream Come True with Shawn Jackson
  24. Substantial - Renaissance (Interlude)