Headnodic Rhetoric

Headnodic Rhetoric Existence76 Existence 76's Mix CD Debut On Homegrown Blends!
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By: Existence76
Synopsis: REVIEW FROM ACCESS HIP-HOP.com: Brand new mix from Homegrown Blends for fans of Jo-Ill's ear for instrumental and electronica on Ten-Times Grimey! Here, Existence 76 picks out some of my personal favorites that I've been waiting to hear on such a mix including, DJ Krush, David Holmes, Fat Jon, Ohmega Watts, Mcenroe, Kero One, Herbalizer, A Tribe Called Quest, Shawn Lee, David Axelrod and so much more! All from original vinyl and with contributions and shout outs from Homegrown friends and fam! That Stuntdouble track is heat!