Freestyle Battle

Freestyle Battle Argonaut A blend of 80s and 90s freestyle with a splash of 2005 scratching. Warning -- This CD may cause you and your partner to form a line in front of the dj booth and do the whop.
By: Argonaut
Synopsis: This mixtape is dedicated to my brother, DJ Bo and my lady. When I was 12 my brother had this bright idea that he wanted to start a dj group and I was going to be part of it. Gangs were big when I was growing up and my folks thought it was a good way for their kids to have something to keep them occupied. The dj group ended up being our little gang that spun records rather than cause trouble. High energy/freestlye was the music I learned to mix on. Many of the tracks were tracks my brother used to play and taught me how to mix with. Although, I used to buy a lot of hip hop on wax back then, I used to spin exclusively "fast stuff". Back then there just wasn't enough hip hop on vinyl that was in the same BPM range that you could spin a whole set with plus the records were so hard to mix (blend) because it sounded so cluttered and it seemed like there was no method or consistency on how hip hop cuts were arranged. Also, females loved to dance to "fast stuff". DJ'ing back then reminded me of Soul Train because there was always a line of guys and girls dancing in front of the dj booth. Mixing freestyle was easy, there was always a good 8 or 16 count to blend over, plus there would always be a good break in the record to blend the next song. In the mid-90s there was a resurgence of bay area freestyle, house, techno and "fast stuff". A huge influence on me during that period was DJ Bo, one of the best all around djs I have ever known. He could blend, quick mix, rock a party and scratch. I've tried to play some classic freestyle with some of the tracks I was introduced to in the 90s by DJ Bo. Last year I was cruising around in my lady's car and she was playing a bunch of old freestyle, and bass remixes. It reminded me of when I first started mixing and from then on I was inspired to dig through some of my old crates and put this mixtape together. All the songs I've played are from the original wax (some of the records are almost 20 years old) so the sound quality on a couple of tracks aren't the greatest. I wanted to bridge the gap between my past and present experiences so I asked two of the best scratchers in San Diego, Jo_iLL and DJ Happee to provide some cuts over some of the classic songs. Also, almost all of the old freestyle 12 inches would give you a bonus beat and an acappella, so you could make acappella remixes and slow jam bass remixes. You'll hear a few acappella remixes on this mixtape. The cover art was designed by Scott Reyes, a talented artist and friend. I hope you enjoy the Freestyle Battle.


  1. Intro - DJ Cam Instrumental with DJ Argonaut
  2. Ultra Nate - Free
  3. Cardigans - Love Fool (X Wave Remix)
  4. He Ad Trip - Rok Da Acid (Cuts by Jo_iLL)
  5. Rochelle - Praying for an Angel
  6. C-Bank - Never Stop Loving You
  7. Trinere - I'll Be All You Ever Need
  8. Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam - Can You Feel the Beat
  9. Jon B - They Don't Know (DJ Argonaut Acappella Remix)
  10. Noel - Like A Child (Cuts by Jo_iLL)
  11. Stevie B - Dreamin of Love
  12. G.T. - I Need You
  13. The Beat Club - Security (X Wave Remix cuts by DJ Happee)
  14. The Beat Club - Security (April - Someone To Hold Acappella Remix)
  15. Covergirls - Because of You
  16. Lynette - Here I Go Again
  17. Pinay - Is It Real (DJ Argonaut Acappella Remix)
  18. Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling (Cuts by DJ Happee)
  19. Pam Russo - It Works For Me
  20. India - Dancing On The Fire (DJ Argonaut Acappella Remix)
  21. Covergirls - Show Me (Cuts by DJ Happee)
  22. TKA - Tears May Fall
  23. George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart (with 1st Impression - Forbidden Lover, DJ Argonaut Remix)
  24. Cynthia - Change on Me (Cuts by DJ Happee)
  25. When In Rome - The Promise
  26. Eighth Wonder - Cross My Heart
  27. The Other Two And You - Selfish (Mixwidit Remix)