Dromin Syndrome

Dromin Syndrome Argonaut What is Dromin?
By: Argonaut
Synopsis: Dromin was a Bay Area word used when I was junior high school. I actually got it from my buddy Leeboy of the O.G. MVP (1990, giggin when we were rockin’ home made bass bins). Basically Dromin is when you are staring into space and thinking about that special person, listening to slow jams thinking about someone. When you are Dromin your friends may call your name a few times and you just don’t hear them because you are zoned out thinking about someone. In order to be Dromin you have to be thinking about a special person. You can't be Dromin if you are staring into space because you are thinking about what you have to do at work or what other things you have to do.
I didn’t want to call this mixtape a Love CD or an emo CD because it’s not that. It was really made to make you think of that special person in your life and all the emotions that you can possibly put you in a Dromin state. Love is such an all encompassing word that means so many things. I think the Greeks describe love best when they use different words to describe what love is. If you listen to the lyrics of the songs on this mixtape hopefully it will take you on a journey and make you think of the reasons why you might be thinking about that special person. There is puppy love, lust, jealousy, suspicion, cheating, physical fun, wanting to be more than friends, getting to know someone, wanting to give yourself completely to one person, regret in not saying the things you should have said, yearning for that person who doesn’t now how you feel about them… etc… etc… etc…
If you’ve ever been in a relationship, really liked somebody, or have been in love you’ve Dromed at least one time in your life. I hope you enjoy.


  1. intro
  2. Xscape
  3. Jodeci
  4. Jasmine Guy
  5. Howard Hewett
  6. Total
  7. Joe
  8. Tony Toni Tone
  9. Mariah Carey
  10. Mary J. Blige
  11. The Braxtons
  12. Alicia Keyyes
  13. Anquette
  14. Doc Box and B Fresh
  15. Craig David
  16. Donell Jones
  17. Kim Hill
  18. Interlude
  19. Mary J. Blige
  20. Toni Braxton
  21. Brandy
  22. Tamia
  23. Blackstreet