Can You Dig It?

Can You Dig It? JABAone Jaba's collection of sampled soul, jazz r&b and rock.
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By: JABAone
Synopsis: As Jaba himself put it: "This mix was inspired by the MANY MANY MANY ther mixtapes of original samples that other great DJ's have assembled. This is just my interpretation on what has already been done, nothing more, nothing less. Created using various records (Yes, actual records) and mp3's that I have collected throughout the years. A lot of these you are familiar with and will most likely already be in your collection. For those of you who don't have this stuff... well, hit me up! Let's talk music!" Seriously this is a dope mix, Jaba's just being modest. Within Can You Dig It? you will find that hours on end of digging have paid off and are offered up here for your listening pleasure and feature the original tracks used for some of hip hop's most recognizable hits and even more obscure stuff. By the way no tracklist, go out there and find it! (Stolen from Access Hip Hop)