Egomaniacs EP

Egomaniacs EP  Supa Koopa Supa Koopa & Klutch are the Write Brothers. The Egomaniacs EP is the first piece of wax coming from Oxnard's Leadership crew.
By: Supa Koopa
Synopsis: Another Homegrown Blends sureshot! Leadership's Supa Koopa (Homegrown Blends) and Klutch represent Ox City with full force. For the uninformed, Supa Koopa can chop the sh*t out of soul records. The Write Brothers combine left coast lyricism with timeless soulful production. The WBs get help from fellow Leadership Crew member, Minus, as well as the hardest working artist on the west coast, 2Mex (Project Blowed / Visionaries / Of Mexican Descent). They also have Homegrown Blends' Pauze remix their epic track(s), \"West Coast Pt. 1 & 2\". Play this on any sunny day for maximum effect... definitely pick up doubles! Instrumentals for every track on the B side! - Access Hip Hop


  1. Egomaniacs (Feat. Minus)
  2. Liner Notes (Feat. 2Mex & Leadership)
  3. Gang Stories (The Ox)
  4. West Coast Pt.1
  5. West Coast Pt.2 (Pauze Remix)
  6. Egomaniacs (Instrumental)
  7. Liner Notes (Instrumental)
  8. Gang Stories (The Ox) (Instrumental)
  9. West Coast Pt.1 (Instrumental)
  10. West Coast Pt.2 (Pauze Remix) (Instrumental)