Damn Ninja .:Aug 24 10:.


Music .:Aug 21 10:.

I came across this cat through another blog site that I frequent and respect.  Ish is pretty dope.  I'm really diggin this track called 'Anthem'  and 'Soon It Will Be Cold Enough..."  I am not even going to try to put this in any genre.  I'm really diggin the violins.



The Seed feat. Blame One .:May 26 10:.

Big ups to the "The Seed feat. Blame One".  Peep the new video.    If you haven't heard of these cats pick you need to pickup their album available here





R.I.P. Guru .:Apr 20 10:.

Crazy story.  No BS... I got home today and was digging through some hold Hip Hop LPs I haven't listened to in awhile.  I pulled out my original pressiong of Guru's Jazzmatazz and was playing it while I was cleaning up around the crib.  I hadn't listened to that album in a minute. Classic album!  I just found out Guru passed on the internet an hour after I pulled his record.  Madd respect to Guru.  Rest in peace.


SOHO/Village Record Shops .:Feb 16 10:.

Got a chance to do a little record shopping.  Stopped by a few spots in the SOHO, Village area.  I wasn't looking to dig on this trip but as we were just walking around the area we came across some shops so I HAD to stop in and take a peek.  Definitely a lot of great selections and prices varied.  There were a couple of spots with dollar bins but for the most part these spots knew their records and priced them accordingly.

Oh yeah... went to a show at the Le Poisson Rouge and saw Bonerama a New Orleans funk band.  Place was packed and music was good. 


NYC Musicals .:Feb 16 10:.

So we got a chance to see a few musicals during our stay in Manhattan.  By far the best we saw was In the Heights.  If you ever get a chance to see this musicals I would highly recommend it.  We also saw Fela.  Music of Fela Kuti was dope, it was almost like being in a concert.  Lastly, we saw Wicked.  No better place to see Wicked than on Broadway.  Great story about the Wicked Witch of the Wizard of Oz and a definite classic, not my favorite but a great show. 

Inside Fela:


Stage of In the Heights