Romali's recent work... .:Jul 12 10:.

For more check out his tumblr blog here.


Fresh Caesar Mixtape & Cover Art .:Mar 05 10:.

My boy Court aka Fresh Caesar, has released his first official "mixtape" to the world: The Breakthrough Mixtape: Volume 1. The cover art was created by myself, Romali, and our boy Eric aka 31216.

You can read a nice write-up about who Fresh Caesar is here. The track "I See It (Freestyle)" is one of my favorites, and he used a Pauze beat to spit over (posted below image). In addition, I have cuts on a couple tracks. Check it out...the mixtape is free and can be downloaded at his site



Romali .:Feb 03 10:.


NEW HGB SHIRT by Romali .:Aug 28 09:.

Traced by yours truly.  Romali is the real artist...I'm just the tracer guy.  Like the guy that inks the comic book art.  Yeah...I'm that guy.  This should be available very soon....hit one of us up if your interested in picking one up or wholesale.

- Jo_iLL


FACEPLANT .:Aug 23 09:.

- Romali


Rhino by Romali .:Aug 11 09:.

Check out the rest of this dope piece at
(photo by Mike Herana)