Mr. Ridley Meets Illogic For The First Time .:Apr 08 10:.

Just a couple of notes on this here, Mr. Ridley is one of the more talented emcee producers in San Diego right now, check all of his stuff with Anti Citizens(Bazerkowitz and Mr. Ridley). Peep his albums on The meeting between the two is very interesting so check it out here: Also dude is mad funny so stay tuned for a bunch of collabs he has been working on with various artists such as Jimmy Powers and Blame One. Much Respect Existence76


I Went Easter Egg Hunting Around The Neighborhood Today .:Apr 04 10:.

Damn the Easter Bunny left a bunch of 'eggs' laying around. Check it out: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Happy Easter and stay safe from the Earthquake aftershocks


Domestic Violence .:Mar 26 10:.

This is a video I made from a track off of my album Hate Your Way to Harmony(2005). Its constructed from video clips and it matches the original audio; in other words all of the audio you hear is originally from the audio track on my album, I fit the video pieces in to match it. Anyways check it out:


Secret Spots Yields and Library Record Mixtapes .:Mar 08 10:.

So yesterday I went to the Secret Spot(a place that will never be dug out completely) to dig out some gems. I found some cool stuff but my man Marsellus Wallace found a grip of stuff.

Some selections I found:                                   

Surprisingly good after a listen:

Always good:

John Abercrombie Reunion, I mean Timeless:

Some Gabor:

Nothing really that impressive or important but it felt good to be a digger for 4 hours. Marsellus came up on a sought after record I had already in my collection THREE times at the spot, he had all the nuts when we went yesterday. Sorry I can't give up the selection he found, hit him up, he will tell you. Check out his blog right here:


Dude has some serious library heat. Peep his new library mixtape on mixcrate:


Overall a good time with some serious concentration equipped with coffee, mexican food and a lil herbage. Until next time which is right around the corner...


This makes me happy .:Feb 02 10:.



NBC Fucked Up .:Jan 24 10:.

YEAH I SAID IT. The Tonight Show and previously Late Night with Conan O'Brien is something I have watched online with great enthusiasm for the last 2 years and I feel sad and outraged after watching the last episode that aired on Friday January 22nd 2010. THEY MADE A MISTAKE. I watch a little bit of Letterman(uncomfortable humor and dislike of his character), Jay Leno is funny in his own right(kinda corny) but not on Conan's level. I even watch Jimmy Kimmel from time to time because he has some cool guests. THEY ARE NOT CONAN. I like NBCs roster of shows but I feel like something will be missing now. THEY FUCKED UP. I guess the bigger picture that can be drawn from this is if you take a stand for what you think is right with your employer nowadays be ready to lose your job. There are many other things happening in the world that brutally horrible in comparison but I feel like Conan has a genuine sense of humor that I feel matches my own and will be missed. I need an outlet like his for my shitty days and other bullshit. EMO POST. Sorry about the emotional shit but I am disappointed in this outcome that I thought could have a had an easy resolve from NBC. I probably wont watch Leno for a while, that dude stinks of rotten back-door dirty deals...

You can check out his Tonight Show highlights here:
Conan's Tonight Show Highlights