Wild Thing .:Feb 15 10:.

To be honest, I don't have enough information to form a valid opinion on whether or not Global Warming is a hoax.  All I know is the Fam and I went to the Wild Animal Park today and I was sweating like a hog!  Worrying about a watch tan in February, WTH?

Hakuna Matata, Bro:

This duck came up and bit my son's toes.  He didn't cry, though.  It was kinda funny:

Come onnnnn, Pelican!!! This guy was as friggin tall as a teenager:


Brock it, don't stop it .:Feb 14 10:.

Went out for breakfast at Brockton Villa today.  There was a long wait, but the food was delicious!
Had some Carne Asada Benedict:

My Wife had the French Toast and this Crab "Cake" which was more like a freakin crab nugget!
I must say that lil' morsel was good:

The prices are kinda steep here, but you get this awesome ocean view, so maybe that's what some of your $ pays for.  One wack thing about this place is hella people like to stand on the stairway to get up to the restaurant, which causes alot of traffic jams.  A Fire truck passed by as we were waiting and I was hoping they would cite a fire hazard haha

There were also some pretty big waves crashing in La Jolla Cove today:

Untitled from HGB on Vimeo.


Jim Carey Status .:Jan 18 10:.

Snapped this flick at the CV Marina.  The sky reminded my Wife and I of the Truman Show's last scene...


Final Images of '09 .:Jan 03 10:.

Last SoCal Sunset of 2009:

Lomo Saltado:

Christmas Day Sunset over the Bay Area:

Who remembers that old commercial, where the Latino dude says "...if it wasn't for Citibank, the kids would have missed Dissneylang..." ????


FINALLY .:Dec 08 09:.

Can't freakin' wait!
Hard to believe its been almost 10 years...

click on image to listen



EOS (End of Summer) .:Sep 10 09:.

Thank You, Ca$h For Clunkers!!! This Summer I bade farewell to my '98 Pathfinder.  This truck was very good to me.  From the Tahoe trips, to the mobile gigs, a handful of accidents, and more... Bye-bye, old friend!