Recent Record Pickups .:Dec 20 08:.

So far my favorites are the Shafiq, Data Bwoy, and the Clutchy Hopkins / Shawn Lee collab.  FIRE! That DJ Cam record is something I have been searching for, and is worth the buy for the track "Success" alone.


My Design Work .:Dec 08 08:.

Here are a couple of the latest design projects I've created for the crew. Since I've moved to the bay, I decided to pursue graphic design as a career. I like to design things for the crew to keep my Photoshop skills sharp, and to add some value to my portfolio. Hope you guys like....I do plan on making the following poster a wallpaper for visitors to download.

HGB Poster Ver. 2
HGB Poster 2

HGB Logo Splattered


Huge Talons .:Feb 26 08:.

So we had a visitor land on our lawn this morning. Thought it was a seagull at first, then I saw it had some talons. Most exciting thing to happen in Union City that day. I don't want to be stuck in Union City for the rest of my life.
huge talons
huge talons 2


Romali is my new girlfriend .:Nov 30 07:.

Well it's been about 5 months since I've been out here in the Bay Area, and I really haven't had a chance to post up what I've been up to.  I'm living in the East Bay (Union City) for now...but I'll be somewhere closer to the city sometime next year...FOR SURE.  There's less to do in Union City than there is to do in Oxnard.  So until I move, I'm in the city about 2 times a week.  Romali and I were out and about town Wednesday night...

Started the night at TRUE to drop off a mix CD order to my man Hiro. Pick 'em up!  Jaba got his new Common mix out there right now.

Last time Romali was eye-ing these trainers.  We called them "Optimus Primes".

After that...we picked up some "Soul Food" at the Hard Knox Cafe on 3rd Street.  Romali walks an hour walk to this place about twice a month just to eat.  It's that good.  Corn muffins tasted like sweet cakes...that's what Romali calls me when we're alone too.  No sh*t corn muffins I've ever had in my life.

Gumbo was good and spicy....Romali's Blackened Catfish was no joke either.

Had some time to kill before we headed out to Skylark.  Romali said he wanted to visit this place to pick up some leather chaps?  Said he needed it for some "project."

Every Wednesday night my homies Junot and Strategy play at Skylark on 16th in the Mission.  Kinda' reminds me of my old days playing at the Morena Club.  Only difference is it's ALWAYS crackin' on a Wednesday night.  Junot set up 3 decks so that we could scratch.

Ended the night with my boy JP at Farolitos.  It ain't Albertos, or Adelbertos, or Sombreros, or Taco Fiesta, or Lolitas, or Super Sergio's...but it's still good.  No such thing as "California Burritos" or "Carne Asada Fries" up here.  All good...that's what makes San Diego what it is.


Scratching Is for Kids .:Sep 20 07:.


Skratch Sessions .:Aug 27 07:.