Cool bongo dude...uh what?? .:Nov 03 09:.

Things like this make the DIY/Hacker in me smile.  Can you imagine bringing this over to the World Beat Center's drumming sessions and getting down?

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Check out the official site here:

Looks like Q-Bert already got his order in!  Y'all better start saving now!



Black Dynamite .:Oct 26 09:.

- Pauze


Culture Cypher .:May 13 09:.

For the Wu-Tang fans out there -- here is the classic "yo Meth, where's my killer tape at?" skit in (a crude) animated form.

i'm really just posting this because the thought of the Wu-Tang dudes having a poster of a Corgi on the wall is just priceless.


Monk .:Mar 05 09:.

Below is some advice from jazz great Thelonius Monk, in the form of some notes transcribed by Steve Lacy, who played with Monk in the '60s.  I think there are some valuable nuggets in there for all those musically-inclined.  My favorites:  "Just because you're not a drummer doesn't mean you don't need to keep time" and "A genius is one most like himself."

Click on the image below to view it full size:

monk notes


Stevland Morris .:Dec 31 69:.

I figure with inaugural blog on the newly redesigned site, I'd like to kick things off with something from one of my musical heroes:

What most folks don't know is that Stevie is KILLER on a drum set -- he was a drummer first and foremost -- and played drums on a majority of his albums. I hesitate to say all because I haven't done research, but I know that Songs in the Key of Life are all Stevie doin drums...I have to look into his other stuff but I'm pretty sure it'll be Stevie everywhere. His drum technique was pretty sick too -- check out Superstition's drunk just oozed funk and expressiveness and all those other crazy descriptors that really don't do it justice. Just listen to it already.