Interview with Mayer Hawthorne .:Sep 14 09:.

If you haven't peeped it yet (or if you're not subscribed**), last week's HomeGrown Blends Podcast features Jaba One in a special interview with Mayer Hawthorne, whose album A Strange Arrangement just hit stores.  We've been bumping it here at HomeGrown HQ, and together with a glass of lemonade, it's the perfect compliment to the San Diego heatwave.

Mayer Hawthorne's

Head on over to the podcasts in the Media section to download the interview and to catch up on all the previous podcasts (or, if you're extra lazy because of this heat, you can just click here to download the Mayer Hawthorne interview without getting up from your seat). 

We have a lot more coming through the pipeline, so stay tuned for....something about rainbows and unicorns...??


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NO ESCAPIN' THIS .:Sep 07 09:.

Make sure to cop the homie Norm Rockwells newest Mix CD!

"Everyone needs to get away sometimes... Unfortunately, you can't always do so physically. While responsibilities may keep us grounded in one location, music transcends. It becomes its own form of transport as you ride the rhythm of that kick-clap and hug the curves of a soulful vocal melody. You take an aural departure from the daily grind. Life is unrelenting, which can be either exhilarating or exhausting. At times it is both. Just close your eyes and breathe to the beat.. . . . Escape(ism). This 41-track epic journey thru nujazz, upbeat soul, and hip hop features music by Nujabes, Esthero, J.Rawls, Si*Se, DJ Day, Dela, Fat Jon, Zero 7, Presto, DJ Tonk, and many more, with EXCLUSIVE tracks by DJ Vinroc, Choice37, Freddie Joachim, and evs."


DERTY .:Sep 02 09:.

<a href="">Rhythm of the Drum (Dert Remix) by Dert</a>



555 Kubik .:Aug 29 09:.

This s**t is f'n amazing.  Sorry there are no better words to describe it.

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

- Jo_iLL




The Girl Who Cries Blood .:Aug 28 09:.

- Argonaut