ZOOLOGY .:Aug 17 09:.

Renewed our SD Zoo membership recently, so the Fam and i have been going every weekend...

Untitled from HGB on Vimeo.


Furry Friend .:Aug 11 09:.

So my mom called me at work today and tells me this fine arachnid was just chillin' on top of my kitchen counter! I told her to trap him with a box until I got home.  I left early to help trap him in a bigger container.  The box pictured here shipped some mid-top kicks, to give you and idea of the tarantula's size:


We Choose to go to the Moon! .:Jul 19 09:.

Now I am not saying we never went to the moon, but I do wonder why we haven't sent anyone else up there since Apollo 11- 17.  I mean, dang, If man can invent crazy ish like Serato or the Kaoss pad, I would think we are able to make annual Moon Landings right?


Random Images .:Jul 07 09:.

Nudie Jeans Moose:

Breakfast at Achiote's:

Cow Parade:

Long a$$ nose hair I picked out for PAUZE:



This Dessert Table got killed in seconds:



3 Stripes .:May 26 09:.

Took the babyboy out this weekend and hit up the adidas Originals store.  Big Ups to Eddie Dassler for hooking up his ZX300s!  I got the aditennis' from Zappos...