This Dessert Table got killed in seconds:



3 Stripes .:May 26 09:.

Took the babyboy out this weekend and hit up the adidas Originals store.  Big Ups to Eddie Dassler for hooking up his ZX300s!  I got the aditennis' from Zappos...


LOVERS ROCK .:May 26 09:.

I called in sick one morning in January 2000 with nothing planned for the day.  Surrounded by a bunch of Reggae vinyl and a Yamaha Four Track, I decided to bang out a quick mix.  Here it is for your iPod Summer rotation:
(click on image to download)

I digitally added the sound effects years later...



It's Tricky .:May 19 09:.

Gav is still working on getting some audio players embedded in the blogs, so in the meantime, enjoy this low budget video I made.  One of my favorite mixtape segments:



CELLY CELL .:May 17 09:.

So last cell phone bill I exceeded my txt/pix message limit.  I decided to cop this microSD card in order to transfer pics, ringtones, vids etc etc and avoid extra charges from this point on.

here are some pictures that have been living in my celly for a minute:

I am ok with slim fit jeans...but NOT TWIG FIT! kids these days need Cytogainer...

Saw this tank in some Thai restaurant in Fontana.  I am by no means an expert in aquariums but aren't these fish a little too big to be living in it???

Another fish tank shot, inside Rubios.  It's not illegal to have Blowfish just kickin inside a restaurant like this?

This one was actually sent to me by my boy, Brines1. Epic Fail:

My thighs need this for when I hit the treadmill at level 8.0 or above:

There is some sort of "Mad Pisser" at my office.  I swear just about erry day he purposely aims for the floor.  This pic was on a "good" day too, ugh. Jerk:

Portland, OR at like 9:30pm :

My Son getting ready to say HI to all the idiot drivers in SD:

My Dog, lookin' like the DutchBoy paint character:

On my way to my Saturday Gordon Biersch gig, in the Summertime, I always see the nicest sunsets.  Hopefully I can jump back in the rotation in June...


BIG TINGS .:May 13 09:.