Fresh in 2008 .:Jan 28 08:.

My personal resolution for this year is "Stay Fresh." And just to let you know, that resolution doesn't refer to my hygiene. I guess you can't really call it a resolution, because HGB has always been working behind the scenes to keep putting out something new and different and fresh, but I figure I'll run with it for now until I get tired of it.

I polled the HGB guys to see what they are working on for the '08, and here are their responses in their original cut-and-paste glory, along with commentary below:

Jo_iLL:  "tell em about how i'm building a robot that makes HGB's own brand of SQUEEZE CHEESE in a bottle."

I don't know why you need a robot for that, since robots neither produce milk nor have breasts, but hey go for it.

Supa Koopa: "I have a 12" vinyl release coming out this year... Egomaniacs featuring Klutch from Leadership Crew.  All sorts of hotness on wax!!"

Actually, I made up that statement for Koop since he doesn't really speak with words but communicates in gestures and grunts.

Gaveeegav: "'Air Condition' by Gaveegav will be out by end of Feb.  i hope."

Because we need air conditioning during these cold winter months.

Argonaut: "Can you talk about this in your blog?  It's finished.  Release date is 1/1/2008."

Oops, I'm late.  Check out DJ Argonaut's new mixtape "Dromin Syndrome" by visiting his artist page.  There you will find the answer to what the hell "dromin" means.  And no, its not his new sleeping pill comprised of whiskey and two kicks to the face.

JabaONE: "i wanna push my 'Different Like Everyone Else (Remixes, remakes and covers)' mixtape- OUT NOW.  And give a heads up about a mixtape i'm doing with The Lightsleepers crew out of Hawaii- due Valentines day 2008.  (keep ya eyes open for the Lightsleepers Is For Lovers series...)  OH!!!  and let them know about The Soul Sauce Friday nights at Red C, with Charlie Rock and Dope Shoes, and our Sunday night spot at HEAT (The Melting Pot) which has been BLOWING UP!"

That DLEE mixtape is some serious fun on a CD, and features reinterpretations of classic music and some exclusives from the HGB camp.  And go see JabaONE spin at the Heat Supper Club (downtown SD: 762 5th Ave , San Diego, CA), because he's the only DJ I know that likes to rock the party wearing nothing but slices of bologna for that extra funkiness.

Existence76: "........"

Uh...stay tuned for the upcoming Existence76 "Doubles Podcast" (Feb 2008)!!

And in keeping with the whole "Stay Fresh" theme, I give you this:

...also coming in 2008.

Peace and blessings,


Hot Like....September?? .:Sep 13 07:.

I grew up in Oxnard, CA where the weather only tipped higher than 85 degrees once every 4 years. This upbringing led to me having a deep-seated hate for hot weather -- yes, I'm one of those "weather-spoiled SoCal residents" everyone likes talking about. Well, this past Labor Day weekend the rest of the nation finally got to point laugh at SoCalifornians as we finally got a taste of real, actual weather for the first time this year. And, like the pathetic weather snob I am, I complained. A LOT.

So, as we wait for the two weeks of SoCal summer climate to fade, HGB continues bringing the heat on a year-round basis. (wow, what a transition!)

All the HGB folks are working on new projects -- new mixtape promos, artwork and design, and even an upcoming vinyl release. Here's just a small taste of what's coming:
Jaba ONE -- SOMETHING IN COMMON PART DEUX: The Sequel coming soon! Did you enjoy Part Uno? Don't sleep on the Deuce then, because Jaba is digging back in so you can get your old-school-dollar-borrowing "Common Sense" and boho-latte-drinking-SAG-card "Common" on. According to Jaba himself, it's "better than an ice pick jammed in your ear... but only slightly."

Romali -- "Don't Fall" print... will be available in the soon-to-be-up-and-revamped-so-it'll-be-totally-rad HGB store. SD heads can hop on over to Access Music in PB to see it up close, because no photo can do it justice. Printed in a unique size, on heavyweight matte paper, this print can be rocked bare on your dorm room wall with pushpins or in a frame inside your reading room properly illuminated with soft white spotlights. This print was so good, we sold two of them right in the parking lot when we got them.

DJ Jo_iLL was tapped to do a guest mix on, which will be up beginning September 17. The mix features some exclusive HGB material, mixed in with choice selections of well-known and obscure music. Tell 'em HGB sent ya!

In other news, DJ Jo_iLL had crabs with another man in San Francisco. You can also check out the subsequent scratching here:

Peace and blessings, Pauze of the Almighty HomeGrown Blends Crew


Welcome to HGB v2.0 .:Jul 10 07:.

Hopefully you can tell by the brand new digs that the crew has been busy with all sorts of good stuff.  Here's a quick summary what's new with the crew:

Homegrown Blends Podcast-New HGB Podcast!  Many of our listeners ask me "Yo, when is the new HGB Podcast coming out?"  Well, a brand new one is being served up here, and we have several more on deck ready to go.  Make sure you've subscribed so you don't miss out!

-Check out all the new content on the site!  Trust me, there is a lot of stuff to digest here -- each of the HGB folks will each have their own blogs, custom music players, and other goodies so make sure you check out all the profiles and pages here.  If you don't, then you'll make Eddie aka "Fratboy Eddie Scumbag" cry like a little girl.  Which he does often, so don't feel too bad if it happens.

Other random tidbits:

Something in Common - Jaba One-JabaONE's "Something In Common" mixtape has been making its rounds, being passed hand to hand amongst industry folk, and has landed into the hands of Common himself.  We don't have his thoughts on it (yet), but I'm sure he said something like "Cool" or "Neato" or maybe even "That's Rad!"

-Argonaut got balled up by Supa Koopa the other day.  Argonaut blamed his Hush Puppies loafers for "not providing enough foot nor moral support".

-Jo_iLL is relocating to the Bay, so expect to see some things HGB-related happening up there.  Whether or not he will put on his THIZZZ FACE to fit in remains to be seen.

We have much more in the works, so check back often.  And feel free to drop us a line to let us know how you like the new site, and what else you'd like to see.  Peace!


Logo T-Shirts II .:Mar 06 07:.

1. Smurf Lost in the Dark
2. Graaayeen


Feel Good Music .:Jan 10 07:.


Pauze & Son of Ran, reviewed in RE:UP Manual 12! .:Nov 30 06:.

RE:UP Manual 12
Music Review

Pauzetape: Remixes Vol. 1
Son of Ran 12"s
Homegrown Blends

Dilla may be gone, but his legacy is very much in effect. San Diego 's favorite sons, the Homegrown Blends crew, prove it with their first pair of 12"s, b-boy fresh out of the box. Whether you're a die hard "head" scouring this scorched earth for rare gems, or a Top 40 type looking for something to warm up the hype, neither will be disappointed when these records slip on felt. Up first is the Pauzetape Remixes, which you might describe as a "mash up" if you're the type to pick daisies with a chainsaw, or swat flies with a shotgun. Yes there are rare acapellas, yes they are paired with original beats. Classic new-soul vocals such as Mos Def's "Travelin' Man," Jill Scott's "Love Rain," and Erykah's "Love of My Life" are refixed over Pauze's sweet samples, but the key initials here are TLC, not BFD. Pauze's rework of the latter, for example, manages all the soul of the original, plus adding a string-filled hopefulness that makes you think real hip-hop might make it after all. Further hope in the ol' boom-bap is found in the second twelve, this time an entirely original match of Pauze's beats and rapper Son of Ran, the dopest MC you've never heard. Fans of acts like the Soulquarians, Little Brother, Foreign Exchange, or Kev Brown will not be disappointed by these conscious, conscientious flows, and snap-attack beats. Indeed, any one of the three songs included here, "Rumors," "Song for Survival," and "Infinite Lives" could be the next sleeper hit on your mixtape. The only question now is "When's the LP dropping?"

please cop the magazine, which is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, various records stores, and -- for the folks in the SD area -- at 5 & A Dime Store (8th & G downtown).

thanks for supporting the HomeGrown Blends crew!!