BIG TINGS .:May 13 09:.



More Melodic than CliffsNotes .:May 05 09:.

Last Friday my boss asked me last minute to deliver something Downtown.  I had a few minutes to spare before heading back to the office and ran into the homie DJ Style AKA Question.  I've looked up to this brotha and his skills since the 90s.  Dude used to kill it at Blow Pop in OB back in the day with the A# Drop Squad.  He also murdered it a few times at our Crossroads gigs, down at the Juke Joint and Hollywood Star (remember those venues?!)

Mark did alot for the Hip Hop Community then, and he is still contributing, but on a worldwide level now.  Check out his latest project with Freddie Joachim:

STUDY GUIDE a dope collection of jazzy beats

Study Guide is available now on iTunes, and the CD will be officially released in the U.S. on July 1st.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DJ/PRODUCERS!

oh yeah, i am currently bumpin' one of his mixes SOUL SCHEME which you can find, along with other sick mixes on Myspace.

Big up and Congrats, Mark!


MOTHRA .:Apr 22 09:.

The other day, coming home from work, I noticed a ginormous moth chillin near my front door:

Dude, this crazy insect was MASSIVE, like almost bigger than a business card!!!

This reminded me of another wild sighting in my patio.  At first I thought it was a leaf, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was a....

This freakin' widow on 'roids carried Dr. Curt Connors at least 12 feet up from the ground to the patio roof!

here's some more wildlife near my pad:



Bananas .:Apr 16 09:.



DJ Hideo .:Mar 01 09:.

I used to listen to 92.3/100.3 The Beat (KKBT) while in college during the late 90s.  DJ Hideo would always catch wreck during his mix show sets.  I remember them for having such raw energy with all his dope trick mixing, music selection, and just straight up soul.  No doubt one of the few who can truly "speak with his hands."  Going clubbing in LA, I would often catch his live mixing at the DMK events where he would always kill it.  I can't remember the exact details, but I think it was either DJ Roldan or DJ Goose from Proof Positive who introduced me to HIdeo and Tony Jr. once at a Cue's in Pasadena.

Earlier tonight I was on my homie Buddhabong's blog, and read some news that DJ Hideo is battling cancer that was very recently diagnosed.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his Family.  I hope he will stay strong in both mind, body, and spirit so he can continue to bring that energy that I remember him for.

Check out Hideo's website and learn more about him...



Come check out our Saturday night spot at Gordon Biersch (5010 Mission Center Rd, San Diego, CA 92108).  I will be in the rotation this Saturday, the 24th.

This is a very chill spot, where you can come and listen to some dope beats, have a beer, and chop it up with your fam.  Most folks come through here before they start partying Downtown or elsewhere.  We play outside on the patio, but I must warn you: dancing is strictly prohibited!!!  It is partly covered, so don't let the rain scare you away this weekend...

We have been doin' this gig in conjunction with Mel Kapone of 15West for over a year now.
Big Up to Jo_iLL for designing the vintage flier.  That pic makes me want to have a nice cold Blonde Bock from GB, but I gave up drinking beer over a year ago.  Love the taste, but can't stand what it does to my spare tire!

So I had to stick with my other favorite drinks instead:

                                                                                                                                                      Scotch Whiskey...mmmmmm....My Father-in-Law brought over this Johnnie for Xmas, so I had to introduce him to The Glenlivet.  Personally I prefer The Macallan.  The best was when I bought DJ Hektik some Johnnie Walker Black and he said it tasted like STEAK!  Next time you see Pauze, ask him about the time he kept drinking Glenlivet at a Turntable Lounge gig...

                                                                                                                                                    Ketel One Vodka...on the smooth...creeps up on ya.  Even my dog drinks it.
I recently tried Effen and it was pretty good.  Those Dutch folks, man...

Kona Coffee.  Yeah I know, its not an alcoholic drink, but it is just as addicting, yo.  I once stopped drinking coffee cold turkey, and it was harder than quitting cigarettes.  Kona turned me into a coffee snob, though.  Plus I got this French Press now.  Sheesh.  The beans on the Big Island are hand picked, so only the ripe ones are chosen.  That way you wind up with coffee that is so freakin smooth.  Other kinds of coffee beans are machine picked so you get all the unripe ones in the mix, making the coffee bitter.  My Uncle recently brought me back some Cafe Amadeo from the Philippines.  Haven't tried it yet, but I hear its the ish, too...