LET'S GET HIGH, SKY HIGH!!! .:Apr 28 09:.


- JABAone


ipod Record App .:Apr 27 09:.

- Jo_iLL


Jo_iLL Scratch Session 042509 .:Apr 25 09:.

UPDATES: kidragon mixes have been put in the Downloads section; New "U Ain't Hip-Hop" Podcast is up; and I recorded a scratch session. Check them all out...enjoy.



MAKIN' MOVES .:Apr 25 09:.

So I hear there is some activity on the radar going on at Pauze's studio. Argonaut and Supa Koopa got something up their sleeves...hmmmmmmm...keep a lookout.

Starting my new Mix CD....TODAY.




MOTHRA .:Apr 22 09:.

The other day, coming home from work, I noticed a ginormous moth chillin near my front door:

Dude, this crazy insect was MASSIVE, like almost bigger than a business card!!!

This reminded me of another wild sighting in my patio.  At first I thought it was a leaf, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was a....

This freakin' widow on 'roids carried Dr. Curt Connors at least 12 feet up from the ground to the patio roof!

here's some more wildlife near my pad:



PHX Diggs .:Apr 21 09:.

So on my trip to Phoenix I had a few hours to spare to check out some records shop.  Apparently this past Saturday was Vinyl Record Day.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to dig on Saturday but was able to get out for a few on Sunday.  On Saturday I did find a record shop but unfortunately it closed down:

On Sunday, I checked out this other spot which was also closed.  I peaked inside and it appeared to be a spot that had a lot of electronic, house, drum and bass.  They had shirts for sale and other things as far as I could tell.

After leaving this spot I cruised over to a spot called Zia Records on University in Tempe right next to ASU.  It kind of reminded me of a smaller version of Rasputin's.  They sold vinyl, dvds, cd and other music related items.  Cool spot but the record section wasn't so big.  Apparently they have 6-7 locations in the Phoenix area and they all carry vinyl.  I left a bunch of homegrown blend stickers in the flyer section and picked up a couple of jazz records.

I only had time to check out one more spot before catching my flight back to San Diego.  I was planning on going to this spot called Revolver Records, but as I was cruising down University I spotted this other record shop and decided to stop:

This place probably had a lot of records all over the place.  In fact they had records overflowing outside:

The store had a really big jazz and blues collection.  The hip hop section was ok and mainly the records were all used.  There was punk and rock stuff and a whole lot more.  I could have dug at this spot for a good part of the day but I was pretty tired and was running out of time.  I picked up a couple of hip hop records and some Irish Celtic record. 

I also left a stack of HGB stickers on the counter at this store.  They sold old turntables and this place definitely reminded me of a record collector spot.  Some of the guys in the crew are all elitist about their dig spots and have even gone as far as referring to their spots as "Secret Spot".  Personally, recording digging is become more and more of a lost art in dj'ing I am happy to share any information I have about where to pickup vinyl.  More and more people are playing serato "discs" and don't even have real records anymore.  Support your local record shops.

- DJ Argonaut