U-min .:Mar 23 09:.

U-Min Crew

.: Jo_iLL :.


B-Boy Destijl, Rockin' So Fresh in SD .:Mar 19 09:.

This is my boy Art of "Rock So Fresh" out of San Diego.  We started B-boying again at the same time.  Now I suck at it (refer to previous post), and he is f****n killin' it!

.:  Jo_iLL  :.


Random Travel Pics .:Mar 17 09:.

DP Massive gig at "The Derby" in Silverlake, Los Angeles. This was the day after New Years. Great turnout. Even Taz of Sa-Ra showed up in some crazy outfit as usual. Forgot to take a pic of that though. Big-up to my bro Jayski of DP Massive.

Strife and Jayski, still rockin' wax.

Nice to see cyphers still going. I haven't busted in one in a while. DP Massive actually put out a couple of documentaries out called "Respond to Sound" and "Respond to Sound 2"...if you don't know...google it.

Vegas...still tryin' to do it big.  Somtimes I feel that the era of extravagance is over.  Stop living a lie.


Awesome Tapas joint.

House party with some Fat Cats (literally) in Oakland.  Dude weighed like 20 lbs!

KC and Drew, our hosts for the night.


Monday Jazz .:Mar 10 09:.

About a year and a half ago, I got this email from a guy name Paulius from Monday Jazz, asking if I'd be interested in making a mix for their site.  They're based out of Vilnius, Lithuania.  I guess they got a hold of one of my mix CD's somehow.  Anyway...I was happy to oblige, and they actually have a bunch of great mixes up on their site.  Check them out at mondayjazz.com

A link to my mix is down below, as well as their most recent one from my boy Nerstylist out of Union City.  The third one is from one of HGB's favorite beatsmiths, Joe Beats.  Click to listen; right click and "save link as" to download.




- Jo_iLL


New York Trip - Day ? .:Mar 10 09:.

Too lazy to remember what days were what in these photos, so I'm just going to post 'em.

Our station in Harlem.

Top of Rockerfeller Center.

Iron Chef

Prettiest looking dish...not the tastiest. Don't have pictures of those cause they got eaten up hella quick!


New York Trip - Day 1 .:Mar 05 09:.

7am. Didn't have a ride to the airport, so we took a walk to the BART.

They had a cool comic book exhibit at SFO.

Halftones are fun.

Sierra Nevadas

Our diggs in Harlem.

Made a couple new friends. Bon Chon has THE BEST Korean style chicken wings...

Faded, sloppy tourists.

Dark Empire

Got a couple drinks, and a game of pool at Max Fish to cap the night off. That guy sitting down in the background is Earsnot.

EDAN in the juke box!? WHAT!

3am. Back uptown on the subway.

Late night maintenance.

Day 1 - THE END