New York Trip - Day 1 .:Mar 05 09:.

7am. Didn't have a ride to the airport, so we took a walk to the BART.

They had a cool comic book exhibit at SFO.

Halftones are fun.

Sierra Nevadas

Our diggs in Harlem.

Made a couple new friends. Bon Chon has THE BEST Korean style chicken wings...

Faded, sloppy tourists.

Dark Empire

Got a couple drinks, and a game of pool at Max Fish to cap the night off. That guy sitting down in the background is Earsnot.

EDAN in the juke box!? WHAT!

3am. Back uptown on the subway.

Late night maintenance.

Day 1 - THE END


The Bay in 2 Days .:Mar 05 09:.

Existence 76 and Argonaut came up to the bay last weekend for various reasons, and to kick it with Romali, Daeta, and myself, and to support KIDRAGON at his gig at the "4 One Funktion" at the Elbo Room in the city. First day into the trip, we met me up in Berkeley at Amoeba to pick up some wax. I found this one for Romali...but he didn't seem to be interested. Go figure.

Day 2 - Checked out the "Cut & Paste" digital design tournament. Think of it like a big B-boy battle like Freestyle Session or B-Boy summt...but instead of B-boying...they are doing digital design. 2D, 3D, and motion graphics. It was pretty interesting. That's Existence 76 on the right workin' the "Dough D". The poster was designed by my boy Nam.

Next stop was Elbo Room in the Mission. Elbo Room is my favorite bar in the city (so far).  They always have great music playing there. That night KIDRAGON killed it. Check the blog below or on his page for more on the Event.

No such thing as a 24 hr. taco shop in Fremont...or carne asada fries...had to settle for Denny's. Recorded a podcast the next day. It's the last one on the player on the podcast section of the site if you want to check it out. (Argonaut, Daeta, Existence 76, Jo_iLL, Romali)

- Jo_iLL


You going to watch?! .:Mar 03 09:.

Picked up WATCHMEN for the plane ride back from New York. Pretty excited about seeing the film this weekend.  I've heard it's pretty sick.  Violence, sex, drama, special effects....awwwww yeeeeugh.



Feelin' This .:Feb 25 09:.


Credit Crisis Explained .:Feb 25 09:.

Awesome example of good information graphics design.  Pauze and I have been talking about this stuff lately, and honestly...most of the time this stuff goes way over my head.  What i've concluded from these vids are...investment bankers are insanely greedy!



Beat Puppets .:Feb 25 09:.

So I had this idea to start B-boying again to lose weight, so Romali and I went to 24 hr. fitness the other day.  I lasted about 20 minutes.  I better pick it up though, cause I weighed in at like 195 lbs! OMG! At least I can still do some windmills.