Beat Puppets .:Feb 25 09:.

So I had this idea to start B-boying again to lose weight, so Romali and I went to 24 hr. fitness the other day.  I lasted about 20 minutes.  I better pick it up though, cause I weighed in at like 195 lbs! OMG! At least I can still do some windmills.



Rope A Dope .:Feb 17 09:.

It was my first time entering a Battle.  Kleenhouse clothing threw a bboy/graf battle at Alliance MMA gym in Chula Vista last year.  The battle had different catagories, so i entered the character category. 

The characters are based on my Dad and my Nephew.  My Pops used to box a lot in the Phillipines and also while in the Navy.  He is constantly messin' around with my nephew, pretending to play fight with him, so I wanted to show my respect for both of them. Also I thought that since we were painting at an MMA gym, that it'd be fitting to paint something relating to boxing or fighting.

The quote is from the intro song on Common's "Be" album, one of my favorite lines from the album.  I believe its a line that dads should teach their kids, too!  My interpretation of that line is
that we shouldn't run with fear from our enemies and/or problems.  Although, we should walk away from unnecessary battles with strength and our heads held up high.

Photo Credit: Mike Herana (LaFotoNostra, Armory)


Romali on the cut at Jo_iLL's .:Feb 02 09:.

Romali and I spent the whole weekend together.  He comes through to Fremont to get away from his dorm mates, hang out, scratch, and eat all the food that I cook.  We tried recording a podcast but, he kept picking the records I already played, and it's hard for him to stick to the "U Ain't Hip-Hop", we ended up just recording this vid. Romali can be a beast on the cut.


Scrambled Ekgs by Romali .:Jan 26 09:.

"Scrabled Ekgs" by Romali - (Digital Painting)