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Dj Gaveegav Dj
Birthplace: Oakland, CA
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Musical Influence: J-Rocc, DJ Drez, DJ Ratty, DJ Style, DJ Hektik, Mark Farina, Greyboy, Neil Armstrong, Bojo, Jo_ill, Romali, Pauze, Destijl, Jaba1, Thumbprint, Burn1, Norm Rocwell and many many more...

Bio: DJ Gaveegav was born in Oakland and raised in San Diego. He likes music. He plays music. He likes to play music on the turntables. He likes sandwiches too, but really enjoys a gourmet one. He looks at music and dj's that way. On the surface, you can have headphones some turntables and a mixer, but on the inside, some dj's are only a cheese and ham. Dj Gaveegav would like for him to think of himself as a tuna melt with olive oil, herb & garlic poached wild abalcore, classic remoulade and aged gouda. He listens to a lot of music, but only really buys what he likes. Then he uses that music to make mixes, that typically fit his mood, or a mood that seems fit. DJ Gaveegav doesn't like his name cause it makes him feel like a douche... but understands that sometimes you can't really chose your name. Lastly, he just wants you to download a few of his mixes and enjoy.

Philosophy: You are what you practice.

Gaveegav's Products

DJ Gaveegav: Moval Blues .:Jul 17 09:.

Gaveegav comes out of his cave and found some time in his busy schedule to drop a nice little mix, free for download.  Click on the "Media" tab, and go to "Downloads" to download.  80 minutes of soulful, smooth, jazzy, funky, tropical, and worldly vibes.  As cheesy a description as that may sound, it doesn't do the mix justice.  Just download it, hear for yourself, and enjoy. 

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test the playa .:Jul 12 09:.

Happy Bear


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Kutiman: kuttin it .:Mar 09 09:.

Peep this link.
Kutiman engineers a bunch of unrelated youtube videos together to compile 7 tracks.  They're all fresh, but 7 is probably my favorite.  You can easily follow the original samples that were used in these videos. 

Such a sick concept, simple, creative, turning a media site into a canvas.  I'm sure we'll start seeing more of these. 

Kutiman is a one-man show from Isreal who usually brings his friends to improve his sound.  It's a fusion of afrobeat, funk, heavy psych, reggae, rnb, and general groove.  His album seems timeless and fits many moods. Below are some tracks from his album.

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Bootlegged .:Aug 01 07:.

mix units japan site
I'm trippin out cause i do not have any formal relationship with this website. Oh well, i'm glad their bootleggin my mix cd's. I just wished it would direct them to this site.

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What was it about the 80's? .:Jul 30 07:.

All I wanted was to be a ninja, Karate Kid part 2 touched my heart, and the band "Journey" spoke about love beyond conceivable limits. Well, at least they made it seem that way. The guys from created their own video rendition one of the greatest Journey songs ever. They did a good job following the original video as well, as you can see below.

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"imeem is an online community where artists, fans & friends can promote their content, share their tastes, and discover new blogs, photos, music and video."
I got turned on to imeem through a few 'music' friends of mine. I enjoy using this site and encourage other music/video/artist heads to use it too. If you're familiar with myspace (and i'm pretty sure 99% of you are) it works in the same sense, but rather you can upload media such as blogs, music, videos, images and create "showcases" on our site. The playlist is the most attractive feature. You can go onto other members or artists page and get a track and add it to your own playlist without uploading a thing.
Uploading doesn't restrict the size of your files, although you must keep a certain bit-rate (128 or less for you nerds). I've uploaded several of my mixes (see below) that range from 20-50 megabytes. Myspace only allows up to 10 megabytes. (for this i have to dumb down the rate to a nearly 24-32 bit-rate) One key thing about imeem's music player is that it gives you code to embed it to another site you may have. The only restrictions I've seen is when you embed an imeem player to myspace. (conflict of interest i guess)
It feels like imeem is geared towards independent media to provide an outlet for promoting and showcasing. Imeem associates with independant forces such as PLUG Independant Music Awards, Palm Pictures, Domino Recording Co., as well as various localized band competitions and smaller labels such as BBE, OM Records, XL Recordings , etc...
So check it out,, try starting a profile, create a playlist, upload your music, video, and/or images, then add me as your friend ( . Imeem will let your creative voice be heard especially to likeminded / openminded individuals like yourself.

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Gaveegav's Downloads

Moval Blues [74 mb]
I've been staying in Moreno Valley the whole I made this. A live mix of Miles Bonny, Little Dragon, Sa-Ra, Flying Lotus, Freddie Cruger, Slakah The Beatchild, The Whitest Boy Alive and many many more… If you like it, tell a friend

Live @ Truskool Tuesdays Nov 4th [35 mb]
Random set performed at Earthbound Radio,

Lonely 45 Minutes - GPS [43 mb]
Sultry sounds and Basset Hounds

The Topsilog Adventure - GPS [73 mb]
Things I wanted to put together, but was very unsure if they could be put together. Pretty schizo mix, prepare yourself.

Gaveegav live @ the Adidas Store [55 mb]
1 hour of a 4 hour mix that was mixed and recorded live at the San Diego Downtown Adidas Originals store on Dec. 23rd, 2007.

Gaveegav Live @ the Honey Bee Hive 2 [94 mb]
Live recording from Mixtape Sessions. Recorded in June 2007.

Gaveegav Live @ the Honey Bee Hive 1 [86 mb]
Live mix recorded at Mixtape Sessions in October 2006.