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Dj Argonaut Dj
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Hometown: Hercules, CA

Musical Influence: All the djs who came before me and now after me, Independent Hip Hop, Punk, Soul, RNB, Acoustic, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Freestyle, Booty Bass, Fizz, My Crew, MVP, TTL, too many too list, if its dope its dope, you never know down the line, don't speak about it be about it...

Bio: Argonaut started dj'ing in the 7th grade and credits that 100% to his older brother who was in high school at the time. MVP was born in 1988. His first pair of decks were belt drives silver BD-24s. While others were busy getting into mischief and gang banging dj'ing became a safe haven for Argonaut. While fights were breaking out at house parties, MVP was behind the decks and staying out of trouble. Then UCSD came along, met DJ Bojo, then came Jo_iLL, TTL was born in 2000, met a bunch of all around dope djs, Killa K, Pauze, JABA, Li, Gav, HGB was born in 2002, Koopa, Spag, Gayta, Ronald, Kris, CSH.... HGB is reborn everyday...

Favorite Food: Longsilog, Roundtable Pizza, Pho, Jambalaya, Prime Rib, Salmon, Tilapia, Mushrooms, Garlic, Eddeezee's Garlic Mash, Pineapples, Asparagus, Tangerines, Fuji Apples, Pears, Sour Patch Watermelons, Symphony Toffee, McGregor's Fish Tacos, TJ Tacos, Sourdough Salami Sandwiches, Carne Asada Burritos. Beverages -- Water, Minute Maid Orangeade, Mango OJ, Mug Root Beer, Michelob Ultra

Philosophy: Having 1200s, maybe a decent record collection, or a harddrive full of music that you play on your serato doesn't make you a good dj. So maybe you actually play an all vinyl set. So maybe you put out a decent mixtape and your friends like it. Maybe you got up on some club or on the radio. Maybe you can scratch real well. You've won battles. Mixed in exotic places. Stay humble and keep your ego in check because you aint nothin' special. Do you know how many djs have already been there and done that? Too many djs get a minute of fame and think they're hot ish. We'll see where you are in 20 years. If you don't have the love and passion for it or anything then, you were nothing but a sucka dj.

Money Buying Happiness .:Nov 05 10:.

I saw this on and had to check it out.  Cheesy video, but surprisingly I 100% agree with all of them.

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Matsui Challenge 2010 .:Sep 21 10:.

So my buddy B and I had a side bet in our fantasy baseball league this year.  It was called the Matsui challenged.  Long story short, I lost and part of the bet was that we had to take a trip to Denver to watch a baseball game for the weekend.  Along with watching a game we had a chance to explore Denver for a bit.  Here are some flicks.  Coors Field was actually really nice.

We ended up taking a drive up into the mountains one day.  There is a road where you can drive into the mountains which apparently is the highest paved road in North America.  We didnt make it to the top but the mountain air was fresh and amazing. 

Also had a chance to eat some interesting food.  Had Buffalo steak which was really really good.  Also went to this one spot where they sold some pretty interesting hot dogs. 

B had some Rocky Mountain Oysters.  If you dont know what they are google it. 

You know I had to stop in and do a little digging.  Prices were high so I didnt pick up anything, but I had to stop in and take a peek.


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Negro Leagues .:Sep 16 10:.

I am a really big baseball fan.  Some people think baseball is boring, etc. etc.  What I enjoy about it most is the history, the fact that it is everyday, you dont have to be over 6 feet tall to be a big leaguer and of all professional sports in America it is probably the most diverse as far as ethnic makeup.  The best players are White, Black, Asian and Latino.   The all star game was in Anaheim this past year and they had a fan day at the Anaheim convention center that I checked out.  The fan day had tons of baseball activities plus tons of historical info.  One of the most interesting exhibits to me was the Negro League exhibit.  If it werent for Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball who knows where we would be.  Jackie Robinson came up through the Negro leagues.  They had a wall that had all the old team names and logos of old negro league teams.  It was really interesting to me some of the names, I wonder what went into the thinking behind the names and how normal it was to distinguish the team as "Black".  Negro League Baseball 1920-1931.

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Music .:Aug 21 10:.

I came across this cat through another blog site that I frequent and respect.  Ish is pretty dope.  I'm really diggin this track called 'Anthem'  and 'Soon It Will Be Cold Enough..."  I am not even going to try to put this in any genre.  I'm really diggin the violins.

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